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v1.0 Target Features

(other suggestions welcome)
  • Support the following element types:
    • Textblock Done
    • Image Done
    • Rectangle Done
    • Ellipse Done
    • Border Done
    • Line
    • Path
  • Support for perspective 3D rotation transforms. Done
  • Support for pen/pencil drawing modes
  • Save/load capable to local file system Done
  • Integration with myOSity file service API for save/load
  • Export To Xaml Done
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Done

v2.0 Roadmap

  • Support for gradient brushes
  • Element grouping/ungrouping
  • Support for the following elements:
    • MediaElement (video) from remote source or myOSity file system service.
    • Charting Control
  • Undo/Redo
  • Extensible "Xamla Clips" library, for import/export of elements between files.
  • Xamla Clip sharing between myOSity users (public library of clips)
  • Animation? (I'm thinking pre-defined animation behaviors that can be applied to elements)


  • Support for RichTextBox element
  • Support for container hierarchies (support grids/canvas/stackpanel)
  • Light Interactivity (click this, and that happens)
  • Multiple "pages"
    • Auto-generate Silverlight application with slideshow of pages (presentations, birthday cards, etc)

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